(b. 1971, Pakistan)


Digital Design Course, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California

Masters of Fine Arts Painting and Drawing, California State University, Fullerton, California

Bachelors of Fine Arts Painting and Drawing, Indus Valley School Art & Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan

Awards, Honors and Publications/Press

2022 Otherworldly: The Haunting Icons of Fatima Franks, Author, Film, Culture and Art Critic: Donald Brackett, CRITICS AT LARGE, Vancouver, BC. May. 26th Issue, 2022

2022 Jury Panelist, Impact Project Grant, California Arts Council Grants, CA

2022 Shortlisted for the Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize 2022

2022 Featured Artist Biographies: WideWalls Magazine, London, UK. by Constanza Valdés, PhD/Art Historian. Issue May 30th, 2022

2022 Artist Spotlight by Sylvia Walker, Contemporary Art Issue and Gallery (CAI), Kortrijk, Belgium 

2022 Michael Tomassoni Artist Accessibility Award, Smithsonian Affiliation: Annmarie Sculpture Garden and

Arts Center, Solomons, Maryland

2022 Featured Artist Interview: Al-Tiba9 International Contemporary Art Magazine

2022 Illustration | Digital Art | NFT: Digital Art: Go from Photo to Digital Painting with Befunky, Art Market Magazine for Contemporary Fine Art, June 2022, Issue #71

2022 The Nuances of Femininity and Subverting the Portrayal of Women: Visionary Art of Fatima Franks. Art and Culture: July 7th,2022. South Coast Magazine of the California Riviera

2022 Pidgeon Review, Art and Literary Journal, Fatima Franks Featured Artist, Apr.15th Issue

2022 Artists Look Book, Redwood Art Group. Art San Diego 22, CA

2022 Studio Visit Magazine.Artist books produced by the publishers of New American Paintings.

Vol. 51 & 52

2022 Floorr Magazine, London. Fatima Franks/ mAO: Exhibition and Review

2022 USA Art News: Events and Trends of the United States Arts and Culture Magazine by Liz Goldner

2022 Artist Interview. Fatima Franks/mAO. L.A.s Most Inspiring Stories. Voyage L.A.Magazine, CA

2022 Finalist for Photo art publication, Dek Unu Magazine, Florida

2022 Art Seen: The Curator's Salon. Contemporary Art Magazine. International Autumn Edition 

2022 6th Louisiana National Biennial Award: 3rd Place, Possible Impossible Worlds. LATECH School of Art and Design, Louisiana 

2021 Lorenzo IL Magnifico Award, XIII Florence Biennale: 2nd Place, International Award for New Media in Contemporary Art, Fortezza da Basso, Florence Italy

2021 XIII Florence Biennale, Artists Catalogue, Florence Italy 

2021 Fragmentary Essence within Threads of a Culture. Gold List Special Edition #6, 

Top Contemporary Artists of Today. Art Market Magazine for Contemporary Fine Art, Nov 20th, 2021

2021 Art That Points Towards a Sustainable Future in The Middle of Climate CrisisLOS ANGELES TIMES,

Daily Pilot

2021 'Reflection'  The Korean Cultural Center and Launch LA Press Release Featured Artwork

2016  Artists of The 2016, Orange Coast College, OC Review

2010-2022 Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society, USA

2010 Artist's Passion for Art and Culture Recognized. Fatima F. CSUF News Front Paper

2010 Winner of  International Understanding Award, California State University, Fullerton, California

2010 Winner of William G. Pollock Award, California State University, Fullerton, California

2010 Winner of Alberta Lambert Award, California State University, Fullerton, California

2009 Refracted Memoirs Solo Show and Artist Talk.  Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles

2009 Recipient of Graduate Scholarship, California State University, Fullerton, California

2009 Winner of the Prospects for Change Award, California State University, Fullerton, California

2008-2010 Book Scholarship, California State University, Fullerton

2005 Jury Panelist: Ontario Arts Council Artists Grants, Toronto, Canada

Selected Exhibitions

2023 (Forthcoming) Shanghai International Art Fair 3rd Edition. The National Exhibition and Convention Center and Yangtze River Delta International Industries Expo. Government of China, Shanghai, China

2022 (Forthcoming) Beyond the Decorative. Curator Adam Sobolick. Palm Court Arts Complex, Great Park Art Gallery, CA

2022  (Forthcoming) Art San Diego: Contemporary Art and Design Fair/ Redwood Art/-mAO/Fatima Franks

Solo Booth; San Diego Convention Center, CA

2022 (Forthcoming) CCMA’s Art at Ontario Airport, Temporary 6 months Exhibit, CA

2022  FAM’s Mini Masterpieces. Exhibition and Art Auction. Freeport Art Museum, IL

2022  Future Places, Juror: Dr. Julie Wosk. 7th Annual Juried Exhibition, Lobby Gallery, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA

2022 Evenings of the Brain, Leo Freeman Gallery, California State University Fullerton

Curator: The Nguyen, California State University, CA

2022 Watery Wonders. Photography, Juror: Michele McCormick, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 

Carmichael, CA 

2022  21st Japan International Art Exchange / The USA Exhibition. Curator: Julienne Johnson, The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan 

2022 World Art Day Untitled Virtual Show. UNESCO, IAA/USA-International Association of Art, USA

2022  Adorned: Inspired by Fabric and Fashion. Smithsonian Affiliation: Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center, Solomons, Maryland. Juror: Scott Andresen, LSU College of Art +Design. Baton Rouge, LA

2022  Drama: Story-Telling in Art. The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, California. Curator: Ziying Duan from Orange County Museum of Art, California

2022 6th Louisiana Biennial: Possible Impossible Worlds. National Juried Exhibition. The School of Design Art Gallery, Louisiana Tech University of Design. Juror: Rebecca Hart, Independent Curator and Department Head at Detroit Institute of Arts, Curator and Department Head of the Denver Art Museum 

2021 Eternal Feminine/Eternal Change: Concepts of Femininity in Contemporary Art and Design. 

XIII Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Florence, Italy

2021 Viridian's 31st Annual Juried Competition. Juror: Susan Harris, Contemporary Art Critic, The Brooklyn Rail, ARTnews, Art in America. New York, NY

2021 Contemporary Venice, The Secret Garden, Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia, Misericordia Archives

Cannaregio, Venice, Italy

2021 Reflection, Launch LA Gallery and The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles. Juror: Sunook 

Park from ANDLAB and Terrell Tilford, Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art, Los Angeles, California

2021 Borders: Future Landscapes. The Room Contemporary. Italian-German Cultural Association. Venice International Art Fair, Venice, Italy

2021 SMFA Art Show. School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Jurors: Katie Block: Director, Miller Block Gallery, Curatorial Committee DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln. Atsu Gunther, Atsu Gunther Design and Craig Tevolitz at Platemark Design. Hadley Powell at Powell Fine Art Advisory and Former Researcher of Prints at Christie’s. 

2021 Anthropocene Epiphany: Art and Climate Change. Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.  Juror, Erika Hirugami, Executive Director of Art Historians of Southern California, California 

2016 Featured Cover Art. Orange Coast Review, Book Signing and Art Show. Orange Coast College. Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, Costa Mesa, California

2015 Photic Reflections. Leo Freedman Gallery. Curator: The Nguyen, Prof. PrintmakingCalifornia State University, Fullerton, California

2014 You Shall be Judged. Leo Freedman Gallery.  Curator: The Nguyen, Prof. Printmaking, California State University, Fullerton, California

2011 Art Of Our Century. Kimball Art Center. Juror: Erin Linder, Director of Exhibitions at the UVU Woodbury 

Art Museum, UT

2011  Big Draw Little Draw. Abecedarian Gallery.  Denver, Colorado. Juror: Dr. Gwen Chanzitat at Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO

2011 Cathartic Art: Remembering September 11th. West Baton Rouge Museum, Port Allen, Louisiana. Curator:  Lauren Davis

2011 48th Annual Juried Competition. Masur Museum of Art,  Monroe, LA

2010 Contemporary Art Center, Lines of Confrontation: Calligraphic artwork w/ Saira Wasim. Curator: Justine Ludwig, Cincinnati, OH

2010  Off the Wall. Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California

2010  Made in California. Brea Art Gallery, Brea, California. Curator Grace Kook-Anderson from Laguna Art Museum, California

Art Instruction

Photorealism Drawing and Mixed Media Painting, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Washington

Life Drawing and Beginning Drawing, California State University Fullerton, California

Painting Instructor, Hope Center for the Arts, California

En plein air Painting, Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada

Foundation Studies, Life Drawing and Painting, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Pakistan

Workshops, Courses and Artist Affiliations

American Museum of Ceramic Art, Expressionistic Forms: Artist Workshop Series with Peter Callas, CA

Art Reviews and Discussion, Artist Guild of San Diego Museum of Art, CA

IAA/USA -International Association of Art, USA

Licensing Art and Earning Royalties, Otis College of Art and Design, CA

Digital Photography, California Center for Digital Art, CA

Art Psychotherapy, Loyola Marymount University, L.A., CA


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