Artist Statement

In these works I am exploring the idea of the polarity of progression and decay, and the ephemeral essence of transience. 

As an artist, I have always gravitated towards my connection to my cultural and social environment and the natural landscape that surrounds me. I attempt to inform the dualism in the contrasted aspects of Eastern and Western culture and my perception of existence as an independent entity not formed by either. There is beauty and decay in life which correlates to my imagery and creativity, and the elements in my art are often interlaced with facts and fiction. In these recent works I have gathered my ideas and imagery from personal and collective experiences which stem mainly from ancient iconography, scripture, calligraphy, ancient artifacts and historical references. The integration of the rhythmic arabesque elements merge into the many visually repetitive elements which I enjoy using in my imagery. I am attempting to allow these symbols to resonate lyrically together as a whole by ultimately creating a flow of ideas which extend beyond the visual surface of aesthetics.

I am interested in capturing the process of beauty and the concept of the eventual dissolution of things. Basically, the impermanence of the inevitable, and the essence of the ephemeral.